Buying AND selling a home in one seamless transaction can be worrisome and challenging. First time buying a SECOND home? Heres the 101 on decision making for that move up or down to your next home. Here's the first challenge, it's been a volatile and confusing market to watch these past few years. Whether you are talking national sales trends or the local Huntsville Home market. We hear that homes are slow to sell, the market is soft, inventory is low... "Dave, when do I start shopping and when do I get on the market to try to sell my house?" Chicken, egg, the cart, the horse… You want to close your homes back to back with a sale on a Friday at 9 a.m., buy your new home at 10 am in the same attorney’s office and move over the weekend? Or maybe you are someone who wants to move first and then sell an empty house. No disruption from all the foot traffic and let’s face it, its easier to show means easier to sell, right? Certainly those are the easiest decisions. But even most financially secure home owner doesn't want to move and find they are STILL carrying two home payments a year later. So, Dave, what’s the first step?! STEP 1: Financial Analysis. We can’t even take the first step till we know the numbers. Analyze your home sale numbers. What do you need out of your home sale? What’s it worth, AND most importantly, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO SELL IT FOR YOU?! That is going to be the real catch all for 90% of you. The good news is home sales in Madison and Limestone counties are strong overall. It has been a good market even through these leaner years and if you are looking to sell your home you may be pleasantly surprised. WHAT'S MY HOME WORTH? Automated Home Value, Free, No Hassle, No Obligation! STEP 2: Analyze the purchasing side. Now, if you want a smooth transition, same day closings on your home sale and purchase? Well, we may be done now. Let’s get that house on the market, and start shopping. But, if there are some unusual challenges facing us in selling your home (like a predictably long marketing time because you are in the county far from major buyer traffic), or perhaps you are looking for a very rare buying opportunity (like an amazing deal on a 2 story brick foreclosure in Madison for less than $60 per square foot?) then what? Search over 4,000 listings! Get listing notifications the moment they hit the market! STEP 3: Let’s look at a handful of homes. Let’s get an idea how long it’s going to take to find something that will meet your desires. Look we DON’T want to find the GOTTA HAVE IT house that you can’t live without if you can’t buy before your home is sold and it’s going to take us 8 months to get your home under contract. Conversely, if you DON’T want to rent in the short term and we believe we can get top dollar for you in less then 30 days? Do we want to run out in a rush to buy only to discover the market doesn’t have what you are looking for? So, quick recap. First, call your HUNTSVILLE HOME GEEK and let’s analyze your home sale stats. Second, let’s profile your purchase plans. Third, let’s look at the availability of homes that meet your expectations. There’s much more to talk about with home selling and purchasing, and we look forward to more questions, but THAT, as they say, is for another day. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: